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You have made the choice to make a change in your life.  Whether it is your relationship, your job, your overall mood or thinking, each of these are great starting places. We have immediate openings for new clients at this time.

Therapeutic Relationship

The relationship that you and I will develop is important to your success.  I believe in the naturally existing strengths of individuals and their family systems.  One of the most important aspects of therapy is the ability to feel comfortable to share difficult and challenging issues with your therapist. I will move at your pace, encouraging and supporting you through your journey towards recovery and healing.  

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a researched and proven effective therapy for depression, anxiety disorders and other emotional challenges such as trauma and eating disorders. I will teach you the connection between behavior, thinking and mood, while heightening your awareness to areas for change.  From there we will begin to act like scientists, exploring your behaviors and thoughts, looking for significant thinking errors, and learning ways to "re-grow" healthy thinking patterns and behaviors.  The skills that you learn from CBT can last a lifetime, and can be applied to any challenge in your life that creates unpleasant emotion.

Family Systems Therapy

Understanding "self" in systems is a powerful avenue for personal change. While we work in therapy I will help you to process your relationships with others in your system including family members, work relationships, peer and social connections.  As you do this work on "self" one can begin to feel balanced and find relief in life from the emotional pull of relationships.  I will use the 8 Principals of Bowen Theory to teach understanding of systems and the "self".  

Areas of Expertise

           Depression                               General Anxiety                      Marriage Counseling

            Phobias                                 Trauma and PTSD                       Couples Counseling

          Self Esteem Issues                Family Systems Work                 Relationship Building

(315) 882-1958

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